Gina Venable
Closer to Home is a story about a woman, Kat, and a man, Sam, who have both endured near-fatal accidents. They are both in surgery and hovering somewhere between life and death when the story begins.

Kat faces what she thinks will be her last judgment only to find out she’s been placed in a situation where she either accomplishes four missions for a mysterious higher power or face an eternity in limbo.

The missions are to reverse four mistakes made by the higher power who can’t reverse them Himself because of His image of perfection.

Sam joins her and if the missions are successful, the end results will revolutionize politics, social welfare, social and racial justice and nearly deplete homelessness and juvenile violence.


Excerpt 1

When our animals die, they go to the Rainbow Bridge and wait for us. When their humans die, they meet each other at the Bridge and are then permitted to pass over it together. —A Native American Legend

Excerpt 2

“Sometimes the unkindest things happen to the nicest people.”

Excerpt 3

“With all the years I’ve been walking these halls and spying on people I’ve learned how to enter offices and hack into computers quite well. There isn’t a door that can’t be opened or a computer that can’t be hacked into.”

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