Surprising Benefits of Reading Fiction

Nothing beats fresh and unique stories that can stir our imagination. We can only speak for ourselves when it comes to the feeling of having to get a hold of a new fiction book to read. However, we can never deny the one thing every book offers—happiness. If you haven’t started a reading journey, this blog might be the reason why you should. Books are an amazing tool for people, depending on what they need and what book they have at hand. The benefits can be overlooked, but it never fails to give readers a lot of enlightenment on certain areas. Here are some of the most surprising benefits of fiction books that can inspire you to read:

Delivers Wisdom and Knowledge

Every single day, we discover something new. This means that our ability to learn is beyond what we think—it has no limits. Even if you say that you’ve read tons of books already, you can never shy away from reading new ones as it can give you fresh discoveries that you have never heard before. Rising authors like Gina Venable can take you to new adventures, one that can surely blow your mind away. Her book, Closer to Home contains an interesting and unique tale. It is a smooth blend of different genres, such as science fiction and adventure. With an inkling of divine intervention, this book is definitely simultaneously written.

Eases the Feeling of Anxiety

Whenever you feel anxious, the very first thing that you can always grab is a fiction book. Why? The University of Sussex found that reading books are proven to reduce stress by more than 60%. When the mind is fully engaged and engrossed, it diverts your attention to what you are reading; this makes you momentarily forget what you are anxious about. Knowing that books are better than any relaxation methods, it is also easiest and most convenient. You can’t do meditation when you are in public, but reading can be done anywhere. Always bring a good book with you so the next time that you feel anxious, you can easily open it.

Nourishes Emotional Intelligence

The early you start your reading journey, the more you learn to empathize with people. When you read fiction, you can always have the chance to step into other people’s shoes. Reading someone’s story will make you feel like you are connected to them. Becoming more empathetic and increasing self-awareness can always be achieved when you are open to hearing and learning from others. Everyone in this world goes through different things, and you must respect them as you should. Thus, having emotional intelligence is truly an important aspect of your life that you must work on. At the end of the day, your relationship with people, especially those around you every day, will improve.

Broadens Imagination and Creativity

One of your goals is to have the capacity to think outside of the box. Thus, it would be best if you were open to taking measures to make this possible. When you are reading stories, especially out-of-this-world stories, your mind will go on an adventure on its own. Stories that can stimulate your imagination will make you more inclusive and tolerant. When this happens, you will become more understanding of so many things. Furthermore, you will learn to accept and not judge. This is how books help readers acquire life lessons. It does not only give entertainment; it serves so much more than that.

Gives Pleasure

Maybe this is the ultimate reason people read, to stop boredom, and fiction has been really good at it. You become more satisfies when you read books regularly, you will notice that your screen time decreases. It should be something that you should work on to make sure that you are being entertained while also being productive.

Ultimately, reading fiction books is an amazing way to be engaged, at the same time, learn a lot of aspects of life. Whether you are looking to improve your cognitive skills or gain some useful life skills, books should be your number one tool to go for. Hopefully, the mentioned benefits have inspired and motivated you to read more books. If not, kick start your journey in reading.


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