The Best Practices for Writing a Compelling Story

Stories that feed our souls are the stories that will leave a mark forever. In this blog, you will learn some of the best practices that authors incorporate in their writing process. It is essential to know some strategies and techniques to develop great stories that readers will love. It is the ultimate goal of every author out there—to catch the attention of the desired readers. If you are also trying to reach this goal, this article is ideal for reading.

Being an author can be one of the most fulfilling jobs out. Nevertheless, it can also be one of the most dreading ones. There will be a lot of measures one has to consider to ensure the quality of writing. Meaningful and entertaining story ideas can become so much bigger than you think. It does not stop there. You have to go through the process, just like any other authors you know and love.

One of the books you can check out when applying the best practices for writing stories is Closer to Home by Gina Venable. This book centers around the narrative of faith, the interconnectedness of humanity. It is a tale of two souls, Kat and Sam, as they hover between life and death after horrific accidents. Their actions will ultimately change the course of history—and their own lives. Reading this book will not only teach you writing strategies; it will also give you great entertainment. More so, it also provides readers with fantastic life lessons.

Here are some of the best practices you can learn to apply as you write your own story:

Choose a Strong Theme

Messages are the best part of a book. It is an extraordinary element where a reader can always go back for. In addition to that, it is also the one that can give readers a remarkable memory of your book. That is why, when you already have a story an amazing story idea, the next thing that you should focus on is how you can incorporate a theme to it. Think of the message as something that you feel strongly about. Your story’s theme is a chance for you to express your thoughts and feelings on a particular topic. Most books tackle messages about life, which can be something that people are can relate to.

Create the Unanticipated

Readers are wise; they can anticipate your narrative. Thus, being creative will be something that you should always prioritize. Readers like the element of surprise. Give this to them, and they sure will remember you as an author. Plot twists are the best part of a book. Think of something unanticipated in that very genre you are writing for. Avoid using these cliches. Instead, use a different approach. The most effective one is to use cliches and put a twist at the end of it. To make the best out of it, brainstorm your ideas.

Focus on Relatability

No one likes to read a book without one hint of reliability. Readers must have some connection with your narrative. Even if you are writing a Lovecraftian book, you still need to establish something that can make readers bond with the story. Luckily, there are tons of ways on how you can do this. You can always incorporate something timely into your narrative. Some social issues will always interest readers. So make sure that this is evident in your story. Or, you can always make the characters relatable, such as giving them personalities that are humanly and relatable.

Give Rise to Emotions

This point is related to the previous one. When you decide that you will evoke emotions from the readers, you make the narrative relatable. How can one feel for the characters when relatability is not there. That is why you need to focus on making your storyline as relatable as possible. This will give rise to your reader’s emotional side. This is one of the factors that gives readers a reason to recommend your book to others. Eventually, it will also make them want to read your other works.

Essentially, mastering the art of writing can take a lot of measures. You need to make sure that you are willing to learn them before starting your writing process. If you are passionate enough, you can indeed write the best one possible.


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