Why Kat and Sam’s missions are important to me? There are many things in this world that I wish I could change. I wish I could go back in time and prevent the deaths of President Kennedy and his son JFK, Jr. as well as Jackie Kennedy. I wish I could have prevented the Viet Nam War or at least the horrible way the Viet Nam Veterans were treated when they returned home. I wish I could eliminate war and replace it with world peace , eliminate racial and social injustice and replace it with tolerance and inclusion, and I wish I could stop politicians from lying and replace them with politicians who are truly honest and forthright. But an honest politician is probably the ultimate oxymoron.

I worked as a Mental Health Therapist for 34 years and I wish I could prevent the abusive experiences that affected my former clients all those years ago. And, I wish I could have helped them more and been affected by it less. Honestly, if I had known the toll it would have taken on me, I never would have chosen the career path I did. I listened to stories of experiences that no one should have to experience and no one should have to listen to.

I can’t change these events, but I can write about a world where changing these events exists. That is why Kat and Sam’s missions are so important to me. They represent my desire to change the often-unfair events that happen in our lives and in our history, They have a Higher Power to propel them back in time. I don’t. But, like John Lennon, I can imagine. I often imagine what kind of a world we would be living in if President Kennedy had lived, how many lives he would have touched, and how better off the world would have been. I wonder if JFK, Jr. would have been elected Senator of New York and eventually President of the United States to continue his father’s work if he would have lived. And how much better off and gracious the United States would be for it and for Jackie’s contribution if she would have lived. And, if there had been no Viet Nam War, would our military have had the same respect it had in WWII.

Even though I don’t have a HIgher Power to guide me back through time, I do have a Higher Power to guide me through my life. Sometimes the best we can hope for is to live a good life.

Closer to Home is just the first of Kat and Sam’s missions. I’m in the process of writing a sequel and hope you enjoy all of their missions as they happen.

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